RenWeb stores student records, including emergency contact information and medical records. This is then accessed through the system and eliminates the need for these records on paper. At the end of report periods, report cards can be automatically generated through the system.

Student grades are stored in the RenWeb system, eliminating the need for a physical gradebook. This allows easy averaging and computation of grades, and the student’s average can be accessed at any time. Teachers can access student’s contact information that is already stored in the system, allowing better communication with parents. Attendance can be taken through the classroom computer, allowing the information to be sent directly to administration and automatically added to the system. Teachers can also update grades from their home computers. The email feature allows teachers to easily email the parents of an entire class or just 1 parent at a time. For high school teachers, if a student’s email is listed, teachers can email them as well.

The online features of RenWeb allow students and parents to login through a web interface. Grades for each class are accessible, as well as listings of individual assignments and grades. Attendance records are accessible online also. Student schedules, transcripts, and teacher contact information are also available. Students can also view events happening in the school.

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