Missions Statement

The mission of Victory Christian Academy is to partner with parents and the local church to provide the highest quality Christian education to prepare students to deal with the issues and realities of life by developing their spiritual, academic, social, and physical potential, all from the foundation of biblical truth. This Mission Statement corresponds with Victory Church’s primary mission: “To know Christ and make Him known.”



  • A VCA graduate will demonstrate an understanding of biblical knowledge and truth with the purpose of developing a Christian worldview resulting in a personal, defendable relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • A VCA graduate will develop the interpersonal and organizational skills needed to function effectively in life.
  • A VCA graduate will be a learner who demonstrates a solid acquisition of the academic disciplines needed to allow them to successfully fulfill God’s plan for his/her life.
  • A VCA graduate will be an effective communicator.
  • A VCA graduate will be a critical thinker.