More than Teachers

School Leadership

Karla Collins Image

Karla Collins

Head of School

Mark Thomas Image

Mark Thomas

Secondary Principal

Mallory Payne Image

Mallory Payne

Assistant Principal

Melody Butler Image

Melody Butler

Preschool Principal


Rhonda Borders image

Rhonda Borders

Administrator of Student Services

Michael Cascioli image

Michael Cascioli

Student Accounts Manager

Deron Collins image

Deron Collins

Athletic Director

Melanie Cooper image

Melanie Cooper

Head of School's Administrative Assistant

Keith Cornea image

Keith Cornea

Director of Safety & Security

Charity Diehl image

Charity Diehl

Administrative Assistant

Tia Dion image

Tia Dion

Technology Specialist

Barbara Dobson image

Barbara Dobson

Administrative Assistant, Receptionist

Steve Fitzgerald image

Steve Fitzgerald

Head Basketball Coach and PE Coach

Teri Fitzgerald image

Teri Fitzgerald

Math Coach

Elijah Goodrich image

Elijah Goodrich

Dean of Students

Cheryl Hay image

Cheryl Hay


Christy Jackson image

Christy Jackson

School Nurse

Kayla Ritter image

Kayla Ritter

ELA Coach


Heather Altagen image

Heather Altagen

Office Manager

Crystal Asencio image

Crystal Asencio

Preschool Teacher

Robbin Baugh image

Robbin Baugh

Preschool Teacher

Kelly Beard image

Kelly Beard

Preschool Teacher

Gloria Bermudez image

Gloria Bermudez

Preschool Teacher

Briana Booker image

Briana Booker

Preschool Assistant

Amy Cantrell image

Amy Cantrell

Preschool Teacher

Kaytlynn Curry image

Kaytlynn Curry

Preschool Teacher

Victoria DeLorenzo image

Victoria DeLorenzo

Preschool Teacher

Dana Felix image

Dana Felix

Preschool Assistant

Laura Fisher image

Laura Fisher

Preschool Teacher

Cora Lynn image

Cora Lynn

Preschool Teacher

Sabrina Noah image

Sabrina Noah

Preschool Assistant

Ariana Owusu image

Ariana Owusu

Preschool Assistant

Marijo Plott image

Marijo Plott

Preschool Teacher

Tori Prokop image

Tori Prokop

Preschool Teacher

Lora Troxell image

Lora Troxell

Preschool Teacher

Rebecca Welcher image

Rebecca Welcher

Preschool Assistant

Kayla Wilkins image

Kayla Wilkins

Preschool Teacher

Lori Williams image

Lori Williams

Preschool Teacher

Jennifer Winsor image

Jennifer Winsor

Preschool Assistant


Mandy Brandt image

Mandy Brandt

Media Specialist

Emily Cifredo image

Emily Cifredo

Instructional Aid

Britney Eden image

Britney Eden

Kindergarten Teacher

Brooke Edgy image

Brooke Edgy

Second Grade Teacher

Jessica Fisher image

Jessica Fisher

First Grade Teacher

Kylee Garcia image

Kylee Garcia

Physical Education

Katelyn Hagan image

Katelyn Hagan

Fourth Grade Teacher & Cheer Co-Coach

Emily Hunt image

Emily Hunt

Fourth Grade Teacher, Middle School Soccer and Basketball Coach

Carla Hylton image

Carla Hylton

Instructional Aid

Hannah Jorge image

Hannah Jorge

Fifth Grade Teacher

Brittany King image

Brittany King

Kindergarten Teacher

Chelsea Knapp image

Chelsea Knapp

Elementary Performing Arts Teacher

Dr. Lynn Marshall image

Dr. Lynn Marshall

3rd Grade Teacher

Jaton McGrath image

Jaton McGrath

Third Grade Teacher

Brittany Megivern image

Brittany Megivern

Second Grade Teacher

Kelly Moore image

Kelly Moore

Fourth Grade Teacher

Brittany Piccalo image

Brittany Piccalo

Fifth Grade Teacher

Amanda Quintana image

Amanda Quintana

Instructional Aid

Samantha Scarborough image

Samantha Scarborough

3rd Grade Teacher

Brianna Scott image

Brianna Scott

Kindergarten Teacher

Summer Sieja image

Summer Sieja

Second Grade Teacher, Assistant Volleyball Coach

Zeb Stanley image

Zeb Stanley

Physical Education, Head Volleyball Coach

Larissa Sunealitis image

Larissa Sunealitis

First Grade Teacher

Mary Wheeler image

Mary Wheeler

Visual Arts

JoyEl Yasovsky image

JoyEl Yasovsky

First Grade Teacher


Randall Benton image

Randall Benton

Secondary Bible

Jessica Brockett image

Jessica Brockett

High School English & Social Studies

Gabriella Broom image

Gabriella Broom

High School English

Crystal Chaisson image

Crystal Chaisson

Middle School Science

Kelli Colindres image

Kelli Colindres

Middle School English

Stephanie Connell image

Stephanie Connell


Brandon Diehl image

Brandon Diehl


Chris Griffin image

Chris Griffin

Mathematics, Assistant Football Coach

Melissa Hebert image

Melissa Hebert


Jamie Lemmond image

Jamie Lemmond

Social Studies, 12th Grade Bible, Girl's Soccer and Track Coach

Mandi Lemmond image

Mandi Lemmond

Mathematics, Track Coach

Abby Mayne image

Abby Mayne

Social Studies

Grady Morrell image

Grady Morrell

VCA PE & Defensive Coordinator

Michelle Olson image

Michelle Olson

Sixth Grade Teacher

Kathy Phillips image

Kathy Phillips


Erika Roberts image

Erika Roberts


Lidia Rosario image

Lidia Rosario


Heather Slocum image

Heather Slocum

Senior Seminar, Social Studies, Dual Enrollment

Elisha Steinmetz image

Elisha Steinmetz

Sixth Grade Teacher

Kendrick Stewart image

Kendrick Stewart

Physical Education, Head Football Coach

Arielle Testa image

Arielle Testa

High School Science

Jake Vander Wyst image

Jake Vander Wyst