VCA maintains its tradition of academic excellence into our Secondary school grades.

Professional, experienced, and dedicated teachers are committed to providing a learning environment that challenges students to do their best in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Our curriculum is comprehensive and traditional in all secondary school grades with courses including Math (algebra), Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Art, Spanish, Computers, and Physical Education.

When students graduate VCA, they are well equipped academically, spiritually, and socially to handle the rigors of college.

Middle School Academic Program

Sixth Grade Courses

  • Bible 6 - “Winning the Race,” Positive Action Curriculum
  • Math 6 - Math In Focus, Singapore Math
  • English 6 - Writing and Grammar Bob Jones Press Curriculum
  • History 6 - Heritage Studies 6- Bob Jones University Press Curriculum
  • Science 6 - Bob Jones University Press Curriculum
  • Physical Education
  • Elective

Seventh Grade Courses

  • Bible 7 - “Wise Up,” Positive Action Curriculum
  • Math 7 - Math In Focus, Singapore Math
  • English 7 - Writing Grammar, Literature, Spelling, Vocabulary- Bob Jones Press Curriculum
  • History 7 - Heritage Studies – Bob Jones University Press Curriculum
  • Science 7 -Life Science- Bob Jones University Press Curriculum
  • Physical Education
  • Elective

Eighth Grade Courses

  • Bible 8 - “Route 66,” Positive Action Curriculum
  • English 8 - Writing Grammar, Literature, Spelling, Vocabulary - Bob Jones University Press Curriculum
  • Math 8 - Math In Focus, Singapore Math or Algebra I – Pearson
  • History 8 - American Republic- Bob Jones University Press Curriculum
  • Science 8 - Earth Science – Bob Jones University Press Curriculum
  • HOPE - “Health Occupation Physical Education”
  • Elective

*Middle School Electives – Art, Culinary, Drama, Drumline, Team Sports, Weightlifting, Worship Team

High School Academic Program

Ninth Grade Courses

  • Bible – “Behold Your God,” Positive Action Curriculum
  • English I or English I Honors
  • Algebra I or Geometry Honors – Pearson
  • Cultural Geography or Cultural Geography Honors
  • Biology or Biology Honors
  • Spanish I

Tenth Grade Courses

  • Bible – “Christian Adventure” Positive Action Curriculum
  • English II, English II Honors, PreAP English
  • Geometry, Geometry Honors, or Algebra II Honors - Pearson
  • World History or World History Honors
  • Anatomy or Anatomy Honors
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish II

Eleventh Grade Courses

  • Bible – “Understanding the Times” a world view study
  • English III, English III Honors, AP Language and Composition or Dual Enrollment
  • Algebra II, Algebra II Honors, Pre-Calculus, or College Readiness - Pearson
  • American History or American History Honors and AP American History
  • Environmental Science or Environmental Science Honors
  • Spanish II
  • Elective

Twelfth Grade Courses

  • Bible
  • English IV, English IV Honors, AP English Literature, or Dual Enrollment
  • Math for College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Dual Enrollment College Algebra
  • Government and Economics
  • Chemistry or Chemistry Honors
  • Senior Seminar
  • Elective

*High School Electives – Art, Bible Journaling, Drumline, Executive Internship, Journalism, Team Sports, Weight Training, Worship Team, Yearbook

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for VCA junior and senior students to enroll concurrently in courses offered at Florida Southern College, Polk State College, Southeastern University, University of South Florida, or other approved institutions. Although most community colleges do not charge for dual enrollment, any fees assessed by the selected institution are the responsibility of the parent. Tuition at VCA will not be reduced for dual enrollment students. Approval for dual enrollment is based on attendance and academic preparedness (at least a 3.0 GPA), scheduling, and administrative review.

Dual Enrollment Program credits may be in addition to the regular high school load used to satisfy an academic or elective graduation requirement. Students must request an official transcript be mailed to the school. Upon receiving the transcript the course will be added to the student’s official transcript. A diploma may be awarded when a student has completed all requirements for graduation (June graduation date or later).

Victory Christian Academy school code is 102-085.

Community Service

A student must accumulate 100 Community Service hours as a graduation requirement. We will endeavor to assist high school students to obtain community service opportunities. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to serve and return completed forms to Mrs. Dobson or Mrs. Borders. Community service forms and guidelines are available in the main office and on the website. Graduating seniors must submit all community service by April 1 to be eligible for graduation and awards. The due date for underclassmen is May 1.

Recognition: Pin = 200+ hours, Cord = 300+ hours, Medallion = 500+ hours.

Our Skilled Faculty

The VCA secondary faculty is second to none. Each teacher is pre-screened, back-ground checked, and interviewed for the best possible fit at VCA. Click here and get to know all of our secondary faculty now.