A Good Investment

A VCA education is a significant investment in a student’s growth from childhood to young adulthood. We are committed to providing admission to engaged, motivated students regardless of their family’s ability to pay. For that reason, we do our best to provide many avenues for tuition assistance to families with demonstrated need.

Applying for Financial Aid (K-12 Only)

VCA partners with StepUp for Students and AAA Scholarships. It's FREE to apply.

We recommend that you apply for both StepUp for Students and AAA. You will only be allowed to use one of the scholarships.

StepUp for Students

Click on the link stepupforstudents.org

AAA Scholarship
Click on the link aaascholarships.org

FAST is another financial aid avenue. Once you submit your paperwork, VCA will determine if you qualify for a tuition discount.

Click on this FAST link