At VCA, our purpose is to teach a generation to live Biblically, think critically, act responsibly, lead righteously, work cooperatively, and communicate effectively, to become lifelong learners.

Our Mission

The mission of Victory Christian Academy is to partner with parents and the local church to provide the highest quality Christian education to prepare students to deal with the issues and realities of life by developing their spiritual, academic, social, and physical potential, all from the foundation of biblical truth. This Mission Statement corresponds with Victory Church’s primary mission: “To know Christ and make Him known through academics, athletics and the arts."

Our Philosophy

Victory Christian Academy has high spiritual and academic standards, which includes the development of, and care for, the entire person: spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. Emphasis is placed on the truth and foundational importance of God’s Word, recognizing that the way to God is through faith in Jesus Christ, and that Christian maturity comes by applying Biblical truths in all areas of life.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

A VCA graduate will demonstrate an understanding of biblical knowledge and truth with the purpose of developing a Christian worldview, resulting in a personal, defendable relationship with Jesus Christ.

A VCA graduate will be a learner who demonstrates a solid acquisition of the academic disciplines needed to allow them to successfully fulfill God’s plan for his/her life.

A VCA graduate will be an effective communicator.

A VCA graduate will develop the interpersonal and organizational skills needed to function effectively in life.

A VCA graduate will be a critical thinker.

Financial Assistance

VCA is committed to providing admission to engaged, motivated students regardless of their family’s ability to pay. For that reason, we do our best to provide multiple avenues for tuition assistance to families with demonstrated need.


With 10 interscholastic sports team opportunities, we encourage our students to pursue athletic excellence while maintaining a healthy school-life balance. Our coaches instill values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and commitment. Whether a student is interested in playing in college or simply for the love of the sport, each of them is challenged to achieve their personal and team goals.


Our Teachers

At VCA, our teachers must meet the Florida State Department of Education requirements for accredited private schools. VCA teachers are not only considered for their professional expertise, they are also evaluated for their ability to be a role model of the Christian lifestyle and teach biblical principles within the subject matter. They are certified with, or certifiable by the Florida League of Christian Schools and/or the Florida Department of Education.

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Biblical Integration

At every grade level, we believe the most important learning is that of the Bible and it's Truth. We hold age appropriate chapel services weekly, along with our daily studies from Biblical perspectives.