VCA offers numerous art opportunities for all K – 12 students. Classes include art, music, drama, ensemble, chorus, drumline, and yearbook. In addition to these classes, students minister through fine arts by participating in the annual Christmas musical production and Fine Arts Competition. Our amazing fine arts programs are led by instructors with years of experience. The arts programs at VCA provide countless opportunities for students to develop their individual, God-given talents.


For the past ten years, Victory Christian Academy has partnered with the community, families, and church in creating a strong academic and spiritual foundation for its students.

VCA provides a friendly, well-rounded academic experience. Our innovative, state-of-the-art technology makes VCA an environment of amazing opportunities for every student. Technology integration has been a priority for the past five years. Smartboards, iPads for teachers, and web-based programs have enhanced the educational environment in support in all core subject areas.