Application, Testing, and Registration Fees

New Students
A non-refundable $100 application fee/testing fee will be charged for each child that you apply for enrollment at VCA.

Returning Students
A non-refundable $50 application fee/testing fee will be charged for each child that you apply for enrollment at VCA between January 1 and January 29. Registrations submitted after February 1 will require a $100 non-refundable fee.

Completion of the re-enrollment forms and payment must be completed by January 29 to secure each returning student’s place for the coming year. Since the placement of new students begins immediately after this deadline, current students who are not re-enrolled will be placed in the waiting pool.

K-12 Matriculation Fee – $500

Matriculation fee is due upon acceptance. This fee supplements accident insurance, book rental, FACTS Services, yearbook, security, lab & technology fees.

Senior Graduation Fee

Cap, gown, medallion, cords, stole, diploma and cover. Baccalaureate service, and reception. $150, due January 1.

Senior Missions Trip (Out of the Country)

Attendance optional but encouraged. $1,500

Special Services Fee – $500

Special Services:

Students who need classroom accommodation(s) beyond our general classroom instruction. This includes but is not limited to those with a 504 plan, FES-UA scholarship, or those identified with a medical diagnosis needing additional support by the teachers, nurse, and support staff. If your student has an "IEP or a 504 plan", we will ask you to provide a copy of their current plan as well as the past 2 years of report cards and any testing results. This will enable the leadership team to determine the level of support required for your child’s success. Please contact us before you apply, so the administration can review and determine whether VCA can accommodate your child’s needs. We enroll a limited number of students per grade level with minor disabilities to maintain a balance of academic and behavioral needs within the classroom.

FES-UA is for students with disabilities or special needs. Students with academic disabilities (IEP/504) seats are currently CLOSED to any new applicants for the 2024-25 school year. We are currently at the capacity for students with unique abilities due to limited resources.

Ignitia Credit Recovery

$200 per course. Students who need to repeat a course may do so through Ignitia.

Athletic Fees
(due prior to first game)

$200.00 Football

$100.00 Each Middle or High School Sport (additional costs for cheer)

K–12 Tuition Costs

Per Student
• Kindergarten through 5th Grade – $9,100
• 6th through 12th Grade – $9,300

Payment Plans (K-12 Only)

Paid in full
• Due August 1, or the first day your child is enrolled (receive a 4% discount)

50/50 Plan
• 50% + – Due August 1 (50% Tuition, All Book Fees, Activity & Supply Fees)
• 50% – Due January 1 (Balance of Account)

10 Payment Plan – Due on the first of each month – August 1 through May 1
VCA sends the bill on the first day of each month, starting in August.

  • Payment is due by the 10th day of the month.
  • A $35 late fee will be charged for payments received after the 10th day of the month.
  • Payments returned because of insufficient funds will assess a $35 service charge via FACTS Tuition Management.

Overdue Payments

Quarterly and final grades will be withheld until all payments are current. Student transcripts/records will be released only after the account has been paid in full.

Mail Payments To:
Victory Christian Academy
P.O. Box 90489
Lakeland, FL 33804-0489
Attn: Student Accounts

Pay Online Now


$30 per hour

Financial Aid (K-12 Only)


Florida Tax Credit (Income Based & HB1 Scholarships) are an initiative of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program that provides K-12 education scholarships for ALL students. See the link for more information.

In no case will the sum of a student’s scholarship, plus any discount received, exceed the sum of a student’s annual tuition plus any includable fees. Includable fees are fees that are allowed to be paid by the scholarship funds, as defined by the scholarship directive.

Financial Aid

A limited amount of Financial Aid is available. This assistance is based on financial need. The application process includes completing a confidential financial statement, which is filed electronically or mailed by the family directly to FACTS. This third-party service informs the school of the amount of assistance for which the family qualifies. The level of assistance is based on the Financial Aid for School Tuition recommendation and the total amount of resources available. Families requesting financial aid should refer to the school website for information.

FACTS: All families are required to enroll in FACTS. To set up your account, go to > Parent Log In. You may choose your monthly payment due date of the 1st, 5th, or the 10th of the month. Payments received after your due date will be accessed as a $35.00 late fee.

After School Care Program – “KidZone”

We are excited to offer morning and afternoon KidZone for all Victory Christian Academy students (Kindergarten–5th grade.) Please download and complete form below and return it to the VCA office. All students must be supervised by a VCA staff member at all times. If students are on the VCA campus prior to 7:30 a.m. and are not supervised by a VCA staff member, they will be checked into the morning KidZone program and your account will be charged accordingly. Also, if students remain on campus after 3:15 p.m., they will be checked into the KidZone program. Middle and high School students who participate in a sport are required to report to Study Hall, at no charge, until 4 p.m., or the beginning of their practice time, whichever comes first. At the conclusion of practice, their coach will check them into KidZone until a parent is available to pick them up. Parent/Guardians are required to sign students out of KidZone. After 3:15 p.m., the south covered (Preschool) entrance must be used to pick up students.

Important Information
  • Morning KidZone is provided from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. at $50.00 per month.
  • Morning KidZone is only available at the monthly rate and must be signed up prior to the 1st of each month.
  • Afternoon KidZone is provided from 2:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at $250.00 per month.
  • The daily rate for afternoon care is $20.
  • Monthly care must be paid by the 1st day of the month for KidZone students. If your account reflects a balance, your child(ren) will not be permitted to attend KidZone until your account is current.
  • Late pick-ups after 6:00 p.m. will result in a $1.00 per minute fee will be required each time a student is picked up after 6:00 p.m.

Click Here to download the KidZone form.

Additional Costs

Athletic Fees

All athletic fees are due prior to the first contest.

Football Athletic Fee – $200 for Football

Cheer Athletic Fee – $100, additional cheer camp fees may apply

All Other Secondary School Sports – $100


$30 per hour

Late Payments and Returned Checks

Payments are due on the 1st of every month. A $35.00 late charge will be assessed if not received by the 10th of the month. Parents will then be given until the end of the month to clear up their outstanding balance. If the outstanding balance is not paid in full by the last day of the month, the student(s) will not be allowed to return to class until it has been paid. A payment is received after the 10th of the month for two consecutive months; the Administration may require that a monthly bank draft be established.

For payments returned because of insufficient funds, FACTS Tuition Mgt will assess a $35.00 service charge.

Overdue Payments

Quarterly and final grades will be withheld until all payments are current. Student transcripts/records will be released only after the account has been paid for in full.

Refund/Cancellation of Contract

Payment must be made each month in which the student attends a day of school during that month. No refund will be made for any month in which a student attends VCA. Matriculation fee is due in full.