Applying for Financial Aid (K-12 Only)

Below are several scholarship opportunities for families interested in attending VCA.   You may apply online here. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have questions about the application process. If you receive a confirmation letter of acceptance from any of these scholarship opportunities, please bring those letters with you upon your acceptance into VCA.

Families that are interested in Financial Aid, are recommended to apply first for the Step Up for Student Scholarship.

1) Step Up For Students

2)  McKay Scholarship   Students with an “IEP or a 504 plan”, will need to provide a copy of their current plan as well as the past 2 years of report cards and any testing results. Please contact us before you apply, so that we can have our administration review and confirm that VCA can accommodate your student’s needs.  We enroll a limited number of students per grade level with minor disabilities in order to maintain a balance of academic and behavioral needs within the classroom.  Our classroom ratio is approximately 1 teacher to 22 students, therefore, our resources are limited. VCA does not have an ESE staff or additional inclusion paraprofessionals or teachers to provide extra assistance for students.

3)  Financial Aid for School Tuition “FAST”

Note* The “Step Up For Students” scholarship is open.